Homeopathic Medicine – Nitricum Acidum

One of the common chemicals that is present in the environment and in our body and that is a toxic one in a large amount is the nitric acid in the form of nitrates and nitrites.

So, we need a medium of removing the excess amount of this chemical that may cause the harm in higher conditions is Nitricum Acidum, also known as Acidum nitricum, Aqua Fortis or Nitric Acid.

Usage of the Remedy

  • For the elimination of the increased effects of nitrates and nitrites from the body
  • For the elimination of the harmful bacteria

Overall Nitricum Acidum help the body for the elimination of the unnecessary chemicals from the body.

Disease that can be cured by Nitricum Acidum

  • Hemorrhoids
  • Anal Fissures
  • Mouth Ulcers like the canker stones and of many of the other types
  • Skin Conditions like acne, painful fissure, brokage of skin and warts
  • Catarrh that can be characterized by the infection that result in which the inflammation and irritation of the mucous membrane of head

Symptoms of the Patients

  • Warts with which the patients are suffered
  • Sleepy and lazy habit after meal
  • Patients have a strong desire of sleeping long or have a non refreshing sleep
  • While walking having lack of energy and desire
  • There may be fissures on nose, mouth or anywhere else
  • Unpleasant perspiration
  • Cancer-miasm
  • Gastric disorders in which the test of helicobacter-pylori comes out to be positive
  • Person full of negative sentiments or emotions which is the major reasons for the patient being not liking others and also not liked by them.

Care taken at the time of the preparation of Nitricum Acidum

This homeopathic remedy is made by the usage of two of the most dangerous chemicals i.e. sodium nitrate and sulfuric acid. So, the preparation should be done with proper care and by considering the effect on the environment.

Always be alert from the fumes that are produced in the preparation because they are toxic and thus are harmful for your body if inhaled.

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