Homeopathic Medicine – Arsenic Album

Arsenic Album is a homeopathic remedy that is created by diluting poisonous element arsenic with water or alcohol. This is considered amongst some of the most important remedies of homeopathy and is used to treat gastric and indigestive issues faced by the individuals. Also cases like children suffering from fever, exertion because of weakness, headache with vomiting, dizziness, mouth ulcers, feeling of fear and anxiety etc. are taken care of by prescribing this remedy.

Preparation of Arsenic Album:

  • Homeopathic preparation of this remedy is done by separating arsenic from iron, nickel, cobalt by baking at high temperatures.
  • The powder obtained is grounded and diluted with lactose.
  • After final dilution no atoms of arsenic that may be toxic are left in the solution.
  • The final product that is given to individuals for intake is available liquid, tablets or powder.

Use of Arsenic Album:

  • Eyes: Burning of eyes with pain and water coming out is treated with this remedy.
  • Ear: Burning pain with offensive roaring of ears or skin within ear etc. are treated with this remedy.
  • Stomach: It takes of different issues like nausea, retching, vomiting after eating and drinking, feeling thirsty all the time, burning pain and anxiety in stomach, could not bear smell of food etc. of stomach that are because of gastric and digestive problems.
  • Respiratory: Feeling of suffocation because of fear, asthma, burning of chest, cough after midnight, unable to lie down etc. issues that makes breathing difficult are resolved with this homeopathic remedy.
  • Heart: It is prescribed to the individuals having pain or irritation in chest might be because of smoking or intake of tobacco, faintness etc. for quick recovery with complete treatment.
  • Skin: Having symptoms like itching, burning, swelling, ulcers with discharge, cold skin with dryness and roughness etc. then take this remedy under the guidance of homeopath for the treatment of these problems.
  • Fever: In case of high temperature, septic fever, exhaustion after little activity, restlessness and heating of body especially during night etc. intake of this remedy is prescribed.
  • Mind: Feeling of restlessness, fear, anxiety, hallucinations of sight or smell, suicidal tendencies etc. are controlled with this remedy.

Although this is one of the best remedies of homeopathy that is used to treat many more symptoms faced by individuals with a dosage of high potencies, but for correct guidance of doses consult a homeopath as over dosage of this remedy can cause many side effects.


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