Homeopathic Remedies To Help You Quit Smoking

Are you a cigarette smoker looking out for a way to leave this deadly habit? Although certain brands claim of making sprays, gums and pills that helps the user quit smoking, but actually they are not very effective as compared to the remedies prescribed in homeopathy. The remedies usually prepared in homeopathy are created of herbs that help the person overcome the challenges being faced during the fight against smoking.


For preparing homeopathic remedies against the addictive habit of smoking homeopaths usually use different herbs and plants having medicinal value. The medication done in homeopathy while quitting smoke usually takes care of the feelings and emotions a person goes through while quitting smoking. The remedies help the person fight against depression, anger, irritation or craving of doing smoke. To take care of these emotions the herbs and plants that can prove worthy are listed below.


  • Tabacum: It is a tobacco based plant that has homeopathic medicinal value present in it. This remedy mainly helps the person fight against the craving of doing smoke by giving diluted form of tobacco to the body.
  • Daphne: This plant mainly found in Europe and Asia takes care of feeling of Insomnia (sleeping difficulties) that is faced while quitting smoke.
  • Avena Sativa: It is an oat based homeopathic remedy that helps the person restore endurance power and stamina of the lungs of a human body that has been affected by the smoke of the cigarette.
  • Caladium: This herb not only influences the craving to smoke but also takes care of the respiratory system that has been affected while smoking.
  • Nux Vomica: The use of the seeds of this plant has proved very in treatment of many different illnesses. If associated with smoking, it helps with the throat issues faced while quitting smoke.
  • Staphysagria: This remedy created with this plant mainly takes care of the certain emotional problems like anger, irritation, depression etc.
  • Plantago: The remedy prepared with this plant helps lessen the craving of smoking by making body feel disgusted about the habit.


To quit smoking the person might need a combination of these remedies that can be suggested only by homeopath doctor. The doctor will set the dose according to the need of the body that is very important for the correct homeopathic treatment.




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